You’re Age 50+

You have over $1 Million in retirement savings.

But you have questions...

How do I convert my savings into a retirement paycheck?

How can I cut my lifetime tax bill?

How should I be invested for retirement?

It’s a tragedy to live a smaller life in retirement than you have to.

You deserve better than a conventional plan that leads to a conventional retirement. Sacrifice less and spend confidently in retirement with a personalized plan rooted in time-tested principles and the latest research.

Loving mid aged Couple In Countryside

Make the most of your situation so you can soak up every bit of what brings you joy and meaning.

Say goodbye to rigid and static conventional retirement plans that are detached from reality. Fund your ideal retirement with an adaptive retirement plan designed for the real world.

Be in control of your retirement

Understand your full spectrum of retirement spending level options and tradeoffs

Slash your lifetime tax bill

Build a plan able to handle life’s unavoidable curve balls

Rethinking Retirement Planning. For the Real World.

Conventional Approach
Our “Reality-Based” Approach
Typically confined to tax loss harvesting   Project taxes annually, seeking to minimize your lifetime tax bill through Roth IRA conversions, withdrawal sequencing, asset location, and of course…tax loss harvesting
Often high cost and overly complex to justify fee   Logical, transparent, and academically grounded using low-cost index funds
Asset allocation between stocks and bonds   Asset allocation PLUS active sequence of returns risk management, income laddering/flooring, and total risk-based spending guardrails
NO - One-time probability of pass or fail test   YES - Incorporates reality and adjusts real-time, keeping you on track and maximizing sustainable spending
Revolving door of employee advisors   Advisor-owned firm, with you for the long haul
Maybe   YES
% of investments, commissions, and/or ala carte   Single, all-in-one FLAT FEE for everyone

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