The Retirement Planning Challenge

The real world is dynamic and unpredictable. Your life is more than a spreadsheet or financial equation. Retirement planning is about forecasting the possibilities and making the best tradeoffs decisions possible considering both financial and non-financial factors and then continuing to adapt. Your ideal retirement is achievable by combining the right plan with the right mix of life ingredients that enable you to thrive.


“Sustainable retirement income is the nastiest, hardest problem in finance.”

— Economist and Nobel Laureate, William Sharpe


Convert assets into 30+ years of sustainable retirement income given unknowns.


Path and level of investment returns

How long money is needed

Future spending needs

Individual reaction to adverse events

Spending shocks
(e.g., long-term care)


”The mystery of human existence lies in not just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

— Novelist, Fyodor Dostoyevsky


There’s no general recipe to what can bring us fulfillment and joy — it requires hard thinking on a personal level. Six ingredients enable well-being.


Positive Emotion






Conventional Planning Ignores Too Much Reality

Conventional retirement planning fails to deal with the ebbs and flows of real life and assumes retirement is just a financial calculation.

Symptoms of a conventional retirement plan:

Feeling like you don’t know if you have “enough”

  • Feeling guilty about taking that vacation or purchasing that RV
  • Hesitant to pick up the tab, give to your favorite charity, or help a loved one
  • Worried about investment market performance

Don’t understand how your plan supports your ideal retirement

  • Lack enthusiasm to act on the plan’s advice
  • Wondering if your plan includes all that it should
  • Unsure you’re making best use of all the strategies available to you

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

— Maya Angelou



Move from Surviving to THRIVING

Rethink retirement planning with our Survive to Thrive Framework.

Cultivate your BIG life

What are the ingredients and available resources to cultivate your BIG life? It’s vital to cultivate and nurture deep and living connections with your environment so you have access to sources of energy to help you lead a fulfilling and joyful life.

Fund your fulfillment and joy

Let’s face it, it’s an expensive and unpredictable world. While precision is impossible, we need to figure out if you have the resources to fund your BIG life and negotiate tradeoffs to reach a feasible plan if necessary.

Protect from risks

We aim to be less stupid than more smart. Risks that are potentially catastrophic are often overlooked for the shiny objects that supposedly matter. Planning for vulnerabilities is necessary to create a resilient retirement plan that can roll with the punches.

Yield a BIGGER life

Go the extra mile to make the most of your life in retirement. Applying time-tested principles and the latest research to cut taxes, further reduce risk, and increase sustainable spending to fund your BIGGER life.


We change, our priorities change, and the world changes. Change is inevitable and must be expected. Our plans are designed to adapt to changing economic and market conditions in real time so your plan is never out of date.


It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

— Professor, Leon C. Megginson (on Darwinism)

Through the ThriveRetire™ Service,

Our Clients Experience...


We will take the time to educate you at every step of the process and to explain the pros and cons behind the actions being considered. You’ll be able to make decisions in confidence and will know exactly how the elements of your plan are designed to support you through retirement.

Peace of Mind

Our framework will provide you peace of mind knowing you’ve made the most of your situation—and that you built a plan to best support your authentic goals and ideal vision for retirement.

Greater Quality of Life

Tap into our years of collective client experience to avoid common missteps that can prevent you from cultivating a life of contentment. A life well-lived can only be achieved by aligning your financial and non-financial factors. We act as your thinking partner to connect what you have to what matters.

Are You Ready to Thrive?

ThriveRetire Planning is an all-in-one service for a single flat fee of $2,250 per quarter.


Decrease your risk while also increasing your sustainable income by applying flexible spending rules and optimizing the usage of all your assets.


Minimize your lifetime tax liability through strategic planning and coordination of your Roth IRA conversion and withdrawal strategies. Also employ tax-efficient asset management strategies such as selection, asset location, and tax-loss/gain harvesting.


Keep substantially more of your return while reducing risk by using low-cost index funds to build maximally diversified portfolios with an average fund expense of 0.07%, or less (over 1.00% lower than the industry average).

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